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Welcome to the Eudora to Unix (Eudora2Unix) page!


Eudora2Unix is a collection of Python scripts that together convert Qualcomm Eudora mail folders to mail directories for unix or Linux. The mail clients Pine and KMail are explicitly supported. I have also tried the output with Balsa, which uses a mailbox structure similar to Pine's.

Beyond doctoring the Eudora mail messages to be in mbox format, Eudora2Unix preserves information that Eudora does not store in the mailbox files. This information includes status info (whether a message has been read or not), message priority, and attachments. For the Windows 3.x versions, it uses other auxiliary files to correctly rename folders and files from their 8-character DOS names to the names that appear in Eudora.

These scripts are placed under the GNU General Public License and are free software, both as in freedom and as in beer.
This software is also listed at Freshmeat.

Details about Eudora2Unix.

SourceForge Project Page (bug reports, older versions, more details, etc)


The current version requires Python 2.2.1: eudora2unix-1.3.tar.gz

For older versions of Python (back to 1.5.2), use this separate branch eudora2unix-backport-1.1.tar.gz

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Eudora2Unix was originally written by Eric Maryniak.  There's no page like Eric's home page.

Eudora2Unix is now maintained by Steve White: (

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